“Exquisite Corpse” by artists of the Surrealist movement

Exquisite Corpse it’s a game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folds it to conceal his or her contribution, without being able to see what others have drawn on the paper, then passes it to the next player for a further contribution. The game gained popularity in artistic circles during the 1920’s, when it was adopted as a technique by artists of the Surrealist movement.

Exquisite Corpse was a perfect parlor game, involving elements of unpredictability, chance, unseen elements, and group collaboration—all in service of disrupting the waking mind’s penchant for order.

The final result is a body or character of composite parts:


Paul Éluard, André Breton & Nusch Éluard (1929)


André Breton & Valentino Hugo (1929)


André Breton, Nusch Éluard & Valentino Hugo (1929)


André Breton, Max Morise, Pierre Naville, Benjamin Péret, Jacques Prévert, Jeannette Tanguy & Yves Tanguy (1928)

cadavres-exquis-andrc3a9-breton-nusch-eluard-paul-eluard-valentine-gross (1)

André Breton , Nusch Eluard , Paul Eluard, Valentine Gross

cadavre-exquis-andrc3a9-bretonvalentine-gross-tristan-tzara-greta-knutson-1933 (1)

André breton,Valentine Gross, Tristan Tzara, Greta Knutson –(1933)


Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise (1928)


Yves Tanguy, Max Morise, Joan Miró, Man Ray (1927)


Yves Tanguy, Man Ray, Max Morise (1927)


Yves Tanguy, Man Ray, Max Morise, Joan Miró (1927)