Christoper Lee Donovan

“Every bio and artist’s statement I’ve ever written makes me cringe. They are scattered throughtout the internet and a complete embarassment. I lose enjoy of creating a new finished piece almost immediatelly. The time it takes me to tear it apart with criticism can be a matter of hours.”


7_photo-1 c2a9-christopher-lee-donovan-kaetii-face-iii-2009 christoper-lee-donovan-fun-sexuality-2011 christopher-lee-donovan-fun-sexuality-jamie-gianna-bed-i-2011 christopher-lee-donovan-kaeti-face-xix-2009 christopher-lee-donovan-kaetii-face-viii-2009 tumblr_m8e9bot3fD1qdrgo9o1_1280

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